Let’s make this co-op great again!

Hello Everyone, so today there was a big change in our little co-op, I stepped down as leader. Your probably wondering why?

Well that is what this post is to explain. To start though we need to back track a little, to when I first started Super Awesome over 2 and a half years ago. Back then, to say the least I didn’t have very much of a life, so therefore I had more then enough times to spend on Big Farm. Over the past 2 years though, I’ve grown up though, I have lots of friends and I am quite busy thanks to my library and all the stuff I do there.

Those of you who were in the co-op before the summer began will remember that I warned you all about how busy I was gonna be. However I was even more busy that I thought I was going to be, and that is why we have really gotten off track, and our ever growing co-op stopped growing and started shrinking. I thought that, once the summer was over I would have more time to play Big Farm, and I would be able to bring the co-op back to where it was before. But that is not the case. Between School, The Library, Youth Group and my Friends and Family, I am still really busy. And it’s a good kind of busy, and I love it. But it means I don’t have enough time to be the co-op leader that I want to be or the leader that Super Awesome deserves.

So after a lot of thinking, and I mean ALOT. I decided that I need to do what is best for this co-op, and that is to hand over leadership to someone else who has more time to lead the co-op they way it should be led. Someone who has been apart of this co-op for a long time, and who has stuck with us when others haven’t. Someone who I trust to take care of this co-op that I care so dearly for. And that is why your new co-op leader is Paul56.

I believe in Paul and I have faith in him that he can be the Leader this co-op needs. He won’t be doing it alone though, as he has a great team of deputies by his side. And I know if we all work together, our co-op will flourish like it never has before.

And if you think this means I am leaving, don’t worry I am not going anywhere. I don’t have any plans on leaving the co-op or the game. After all, I have too many friends that I would miss to much if I did. So I will still be here, not all the time, but whenever I can.

So to close, this post is titled ,”Let’s make this co-op great again!” I want to see it happen, and I am sad that I don’t have the time to be the leader who does it. But I know that in time, with our new Leader, we will be back to being great. I am excited to see where our new leader will take us, and remember to give him some words of encouragement, I know that every little bit counts.

Happy Farming Everyone,


Your Founder/Deputy SuperSpaceGirl